Hung up in Hangout at the Accelerator

Hung up in Hangout at the Accelerator

A couple of weeks ago my colleagues and I were stranded in a Google hangout. A presentation was schedule with a specialist in SEO from Australia, while the attendance was mainly around Sao Paulo Brazil at the time. 

We waited in vain. After a while, the hangout event was canceled to the frustration of many of us, as we had waited for absolutely nothing.

Ok, so the presenter not being there in a webconference is a rare occurrence right? Why bring this one particular case? 

Well it is just to highlight one point: That everybody needs to be mobilized at the same time in a web conference. And the more people you have the more complicated, the more you have to wait for the “is Paula there? , how many people are there? …Ok can we start? “…you know the drill. 

In the Australia-Brazil case, the hangout event had to be organized late during the day and the time zone difference just compounded the problem.

Ok, but I digress maybe. Web conference when people are there are great right? Well yes, they are when they achieve what they are meant for.


Fortunately, we had other hangout events, and the presenter was there! I was quite excited to be able to exchange already, but I was quite disappointed….  yet happy at the same time. 

Let me explain:  We had a monologue of the presenter going through the slides for at least 45 minutes. So it was a one way, and we had to copy the slides image by image to put them in a document to safe keep those. By the time we were at the Q&A everyone was tired and bored, so you understand well why I was disappointed.

But why was I happy in some way? I figured: Well with GraphCall’s DocPitch (our Company´s product) this would not have happened. The person could have recorded on his own, send to everybody, get a notification when each person is watching and answer the questions without the need to strand everybody, it’s a bit the difference between a Whatsapp Audio and a Phone Call. That how we define ourselves to make it perfectly clear.

Even better, since it’s a Doc with a virtual Presenter, no need to copy the images of presentation one by one the document is there. 

Now you probably are familiar with the experience I described, and if you think you could save yourself the hassle, contact us. We can fix this.

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