How to protect your business and your clients from the coronavirus.

How to protect your business and your clients from the coronavirus.

Which technologies to choose to protect your business from Coronavirus

Lessons, video conferences, webinars and remote meetings are increasingly frequent. In Italy, then, they recently accelerated due to restrictions related to Coronavirus. From school lessons to business meetings, changes in communication methods with remote teams is revolutionizing professional group communication.

There are several platforms that can be used. Among the most popular are Skype and Zoom, in addition to Google and Microsoft applications. But what are the differences?

While all web conferences solutions prove quite usefull in the current coronavirus crisis, they quickly result in overloads and conflicts in the agenda. 

Here comes augmented media and asynched solutions. Whatsapp Audio is notorious for having reduced drastically the number of phone calls “live”. Simply put you don´t need the other party to be available at the same. It is just a form of audio ping-pong.

But then when you need to clarify a document, like a legal brief, a draft agreement, a contract renegotiation, what shall you do? Most of the time this would be solved with a conference call, a long email, some annotations on the document which require quite a bit of time to write, and in the worse case scenario an actual in person meeting which then opens the door for risks.

Lawyers have many clients and are particularily at risk. But there is a new solution. Something similar to whatsapp Audio but with documents. GraphCall DocPitch is a document which you send by link but it comes with a virtual presenter box with -you- the lawyer to flip the pages on the recipient´s device and make annotations. The recipient can close the virtual presenter box to continue reading the document, or let the presenter continue to explain the document. Better yet he can answer by re-using the document and the presenter box already open on the screen to answer in 4 clicks.


A New Way to Communicate with Documents

With augmented-media it is now possible to send an “augmented document” back and forth. The Document opens by link by it comes with a floating box. Inside the box, each side is alternatively controlling the document and presenting it with annotations. It is a new type of asynched communication a sort of of whatsapp audio for conference calls, with the additional benefit that the recipient gets a file not a screen capture. Below is a demo of such asynched, ping-pong communication with Docs. 

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