How to cut down your sales cycle time in half, using augmented media messaging.

How to cut down your sales cycle time in half, using augmented media messaging.

You can cut down your sales cycle time in half, using augmented media messaging to discuss your documents outside of scheduled web conferences. 


Are you feeling drained by endless web conferences and meetings? How much more sales could you achieve if you could cut your sales cycle length in half? And what would this extra time and money mean for you and your family, or this project of yours you are so eager to dust off?


 The solution is ridiculously simple once we think about it. It’s messaging, but of an entirely new type, using augmented web.


So, what’s the point of messaging? To continue the conversation without waiting for the other side to be available. That’s why voice messaging and whatsapp audio are so popular as they have debottlenecked phone calls.



Unfortunately, it works for sound only. So when it’s visual on Documents with tables, diagrams, imagens with numbering legends, sound only won’t work. It has to go through web conferences.


  • That’s why web conferences create so much agenda overload and it has a name, ZOOM fatigue

  • That’s why it takes much time to move your deals forward. 

  • That’s why a client canceling a webconference is so damaging.

  • That’s why your other alternative is to write not so effective long walls of text in an attempt to clarify questions on your Doc.

  • That’s why you lose deals to the competition when you don’t have the opportunity to clarify your document

GraphCall LivePDF is a NEW two-way visual messaging inside documents using a new recording technology different than Video, leveraging 11 of the 13 new augmented web standards now present in 95% of browsers.
What whatsapp audio does to debottleneck phone calls, GraphCall LivePDF does it visually inside Documents to debottleneck webconferences. 
  • It’s visual and animated for a perfect explanation, far more interactive than Video.

  • It’s fast, requiring 5X clicks only and no edits (using the app or the chrome extension), YET you achieve 5X more information retention by your client.

  • It preserves and delivers a readable resizeable document on all devices, as your client needs a document to read, not a screen capture of it! 

  • It’s a true two-way conversation, you add your MessengerBOX to your Document in 5 Clicks, but your client can reply in only 4 simply reusing the MessengerBOX which is already inside the Document he/she received.


Those who embrace the future always get ahead. Augmented web messaging for documents (brochures, quotes, manuals) is here.


Lead the way. Get scale and speed on your sales communication. Explain and discuss your documents at all times at all places, effortlessly with GraphCall LivePDF. 


Check how fast and convenient it is Below.




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