How Technology Can Bring Us Closer and Fight the Coronavirus

How Technology Can Bring Us Closer and Fight the Coronavirus

Times of difficulty can bring the worst in people, but they can bring the best too. Nobody likes moments of fear, but they can stimulate our capacity to innovate, find solutions needed and help each other. As we deal with the challenges brought by the Coronavirus, we can grow increasingly apart or stick together, and this can determine our collective success or our individual failures.

The Coronavirus embodies this dilemma. Although people need to protect themselves, businesses and communities must carry on, but how can we achieve that in a state of quarantine? Home office working is the most effective solution with the use of Web Conferences. Even though this solves the problem of physical contact, it creates another issue, related to time management. The more people get involved, the more agenda conflicts occur, especially if there are different time zones involved. 

Fortunately, DocPitch from GraphCall solves both problems. You can avoid in-person meetings without clogging your agenda, through the unique technology of V.I. PDF, Documents in augmented media. In a nutshell, it’s a desynchronized web conference. WhatsApp Audio does that for phone calls, GraphCall’s focus is on Web Conferences. The recipient gets a document by link. Then, the sender pop-ups in a box on the recipient screen and starts to control the document, flips the pages and make annotations. It takes only five click for the sender to record a V.I.  The receiver can decide close this floating presenter box and continue to read the document alone or let the virtual presenter do the show and control the document. But then, the recipient can also reuse the doc and the presenter box already open on the device, record a reply on top of what he received and send back to the first person.  

So now you can present your documents asynchronously, with the additional benefits that it is not a screen capture, but a real document. That is the superiority of V.I. versus Video. Keep on working, stick together and check it out! 

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