In the C-Suite. Face Time is (a lot of) Money. Save it.

In the C-Suite. Face Time is (a lot of) Money. Save it.

Think of DocPitch versus a Webconference as something similar to Whatsapp Audio versus a phone call.

You can record on your own time different DocPitches in less than 1 minute in the morning and send already. No need to wait for everybody to be there on the same timeline.

Yet GC notifies you of who is watching what in real time, and GC lets you jump in a chat on the spot.

Now, you save tons of time scheduling the meetings, tons of your face time and colleagues’ face time in meetings.

 You reduce agenda bottlenecks because people don´t need to be “synchronized” in a meeting or web conference, the same way a whatsapp audio takes away the need to “be synchronized” in a phone call.

As a result your require less and shorter, more focused meetings. Given the hourly dollar value of your face-time and the ones working closely to you in the C-Suite, GraphCall pays for itself quickly.

Your actual “in the flesh” Face time is very valuable and expensive, make the most of it with GraphCall. Request a Demo now

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